About Us

Wear It. Own It. Be It.

At Sasshole® Tshirts, we believe that everyone is unique and has the right to express their opinions without fear of judgment – even the youngest little minds. We want babies and toddlers to find their voices and their personalities, expressing them proudly from an early age. We also want to restore “fun” to functional toddler clothing. Our Little Sasshole™ brand shirts and onesies® allow saucy, outspoken toddler girls to wear their attitudes like badges of honor for all the world to hear, see and aspire to.

Sasshole® Tshirts insists on using premium materials to ensure maximum comfort, durability and style. We use the highest-quality 100% cotton, combed and ring-spun so it is soft and gentle on delicate little-girl skin. Charming fonts and stylish colors make these cute little girl shirts perfect for pairing with shorts, jeans, leggings and skirts. While you already know that your tot has attitude, a Little Sasshole™ shirt serves as a hilarious and endearing proclamation to friends, family, teachers and the rest of the world.

An edgy company built on a foundation of sarcastic humor, brutal honesty and fearless individuality, Sasshole® is a brand that most individuals can relate to. Our clothing provides an outlet for you to express your bold, sassy disposition for the world to see – without consequences or repercussions. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating this brand and I will continue to seek out ways for you to enjoy it even more. Meanwhile, never be afraid to speak your mind and be true to yourself in this politically-charged world we live in. Your thoughts and opinions do matter, even if they don’t always coincide with the mainstream ideology that surrounds us daily.

Be Strong. Be Bold. Be a Sasshole.